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Poetry on the Lake


Lake Orta hotels    


Here below are recommended hotels, a delightful wine bar and an historic palace for special events, plus apartments for those who prefer, some right in the centre of Orta, overlooking the island. To reach the island or other lakeside villages. see


 Motorboats ply between the island and Orta all day.

Consorzio Navigazione Servizio Pubblico Piazza Motta, 1 
28016 Orta San Giulio (NO)
Tel.: (+39) 333 6050288 - Email:



Hotels at Orta
in centre:  Piccolo Hotel Olina; 
3 mins walk from centre is 4 star Hotel San Rocco (on lake).
At Pella - the other side of the lake, delighful but more difficult regarding transport, is
the charming Casa Fantini. At Pettenasco, the 4 star Hotel L'Approdo presents the same
transport difficulties, alas. Whichever hotel you choose, contact directly  (not booking.com
or other online sites) for cheaper prices and mention Poetry on the Lake.



 The Piccolo Hotel Olina is a 'diffuse' hotel, having rooms (ensuite) all around the centre of Orta - and the breakfasts are excellent
Via Olina 40.  (+39) 0322 905532  fax (+39) 0322 90377 email  



Hotel San Rocco
via Gippini 11   28016 Orta San Giulio (NO) tel: +39 0322 91.19.77

on the lakeside     info@hotelsanrocco.it   


At PELLA - the other side of the lake opposite the island
A very new and lovely, up-to-date 5 star hotel with  a fantastic view of the island




HOTEL L'APPRODO                              
Corso Roma 80, 
28028 Pettenasco 

is across the lake , just a few minutes by road or boat from Orta but 
there is no regular service, alas, and it's not possible to walk to Orta 
from here.

Email: info@approdohotelorta.it  www.approdohotelorta.com 


  for an extraordinary Arabian Nights experience and 2 Michelin star cuisine the fantastic
Villa Crespi



An enchanting setting for your special events is Palazzo Penotti Ubertini:
weddings, gala dinners, art exhibitions, cocktail parties. Catering service



a charming little wine bar with a candle-lit cellar, situated in the oldest street of Orta, Via Besani. Choose from a wide range of excellent wines and, if you are hungry, a platter of local cheeses or salami, or the speciality of the region, the Bagna Cauda: cruditè in a dip of hot olive oil, anchovy and garlic.