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Poetry on the Lake

Journal & Anthologies


St Giulio's Isle: Gabriel's guide - a guide to Isola San Giulio, its history, legends, art and curiosities.

12,00 + p/p or pdf € 7,99120 pages fully illustrated in colour. (Italian version also available) 

In two thousand years the isle has hosted emperors, queens and saints, has experienced tumult, seige and plague. This guide takes you along the Way of Silence into the heart of the island, bringing to life events and personalities, noting art and religion. 

contact: poetryonthelake

 Hildegard : visions & inspiration, edited by Gabriel Griffin (Wyvern Works 2014) An anthology of poems inspired by Hildegard of Bingen, fully illustrated in colour, with notes on Hildegard's life and works. For copies please contact poetryonthelake. A pdf will shortly be available for download.

2011 Anthology 'Stone' of winning and selected poems - 25 poems with brief accounts by the authors of how these poems came to be written. Other anthologies, many with translations in Italian facing text, selected from the annual competition:

Lakes (2001) -Hortus Conclusus (2003) - Hic et nunc (2005) - Stranger (2006) - Wild (2007)  Bestiario
price € 15 each (plus p/p)


€ 15/ £ 12 (+ p/p Europe) UK cheque to G.Griffin or Paypal. 

Other publications available from Poetry on the Lake

email: poetryonthelake(at)yahoo.co.uk or from www.ilmiolibro.it 

  'Along the Old Way: a pilgrimage from Orta to Varallo with Samuel Butler', by Gabriel Griffin. An
illustrated guide book and account of a modern pilgrimage, recalling figures in history who passed this way, folklore and poetry.


Lungo le antiche vie: da Orta a Varallo in compagnia di Samuel Butler
 di Gabriel Griffin  

To celebrate ten years of Poetry on the Lake: an anthology of poems, Reflections on Lake Orta, by participants inspired by Orta, was presented at the October Celebration:

and a booklet of brief anecdotes by authors past and present, including Gianni Rodari and D.M. Thomas

From the Lake-side

Both books are illustrated

Already published:

Orta Christmas

Poems in English and Italian, illustrated with photos of Lake Orta in winter. 56 pp. 
Poets include

Wayne Price, Michael Swan, Caroline Carver, Gabriel Griffin, Katherine Gallagher, Will Stone, Patrick Osada, Robert Morley, Penelope Shuttle,  T.S. Kerrigan, Richard Halperin, Robert Hawley, Elisabeth Rowe, Ernesto Ragazzoni, John Killick, Anthony Cropper, Alessio Zanelli, Arlene Ang, Gary Bills, Alwyn Marriage, Jacqueline Gabbitas  

price € 15 or £12.50 . please add  for postage to UK., $ 9 to USA etc.


Poetry on the Lake Journal two

  autumn, 2009. Colour illustrations.

Poems with facing text in Italian, by Leah Fritz, Wayne Price, Ainie Lyons,Claire McTague, Arlene Ang, Angela Stoner, Anthony Cropper, Jo Shapcott, Elisabeth Rowe, Ann Gray, Ruth O'Callaghan, Michael Woods, Alwyn Marriage, Kate Miller, Josie Turner, Andrew Robinson, Helen Pletts, Ian McEwan, Pat Borthwick, Christopher North, Eugene Magowan, T.S. Kerrigan, Will Stone, Georges Rodenbach, Emile Verhaeren, Alberto Mori, Alessio Zanelli, Tiziano Fratus.

Essays by Michael Woods, John Hartley Williams,Victoria Field, Myra Schneider, John Killick, Will Stone, John Whitworth, Barry Tempest.

  Price £12.50 plus postage UK or € 15

Poetry on the Lake Journal one

autumn 2008

38 poems/poesie - testo a fronte/facing page translations

Carol Ann Duffy - Jo Shapcott - Penelope Shuttle - - Michael Swan, Caroline Carver - Chris Preddle - Victoria Field - Chris Considine

and others    



The Music and speed of

poetry as an  international art -La musica e la velocità della poesia come arte internazionale

Lidia Vianu  

Direttore di Translation Café e Docente di Contemporary British Literature nella facoltà d’inglese dell’università di Bucharest.


On bridging cultures - Poesia come ponte fra culture

Elena Nistor

direttore dell’International notebook of poetry, Bucharest, autore di Contemporary British Women Poets’


T.S: Eliot and the definite article - T.S.Eliot e l’articolo determinativo

Michael Swan

docente di grammatica inglese


The mysterious disappearance of 'O' - La sparizione dell’O vocativa nella poesia contemporanea

Gary Bills

Reporter UK, esperto di letteratura medievale

The man who lives in trees -poetry and the body

L'uomo che vive sugli alberi - corpo e poesia

Franco Acquaviva

direttore Teatro delle Selve. Pella, Novara  www.teatrodelleselve.it

price/prezzo: 12 euro/£9.50 plus  postage 

We are preparing copies of all publications in pdf. to send email at reduced prices - please contact if interested